Wearing a Night Guard

  • Heat appliance under hot tap water for 20-30 seconds until it becomes pliable to the touch.


  • Align with your two front teeth and push appliance upward until all teeth feel covered by the night guard. All sides should feel even and one side should not touch opposing teeth before the other.


  • When inserting and removing this appliance, using your thumb and fingers apply even pressure on both sides gently pull down or push up. Avoid pulling from the two front teeth and biting it to insert. This will result in the appliance cracking over time.


  • The appliance may be worn when asleep or during the day in times of stress such as exercise, driving, watching TV or typing.


  • To take care of the night guard, simply brush everyday with tooth brush and paste. Rinse and leave to air dry in the container given. Leave container open and away from pets to avoid damage and bacterial growth on the appliance. Also do not leave your appliance soaking in anything. It will discolour and break down more quickly.


  •  If staining occurs, bring the night guard to your next cleaning appointment and your hygienist will remove the debris that your toothbrush cannot.