Implant Restoration

At Waterdown Dental, we can help restore a smile through dental implants.  A dental implant is a two step process.  With the help of an oral surgeon or periodontist, an implant post is placed into the jaw and allowed to heal.  This usually takes 3-4 months to allow bone to solidly integrate around the implant.  Once there is adequate healing, we place a crown that is very natural looking and attach it to this post.  Advancment in implants have made the success rate of implants extremely high.  Furthermore, implants can sometimes be placed even in areas where there is limited bone.  The benefit of the implant is that it does not rely on any other tooth for its success.  It is lone standing.  Made of biologically friendly titanium, the implant itself can never decay which makes it one the most durable restorative options available.