Hygiene Services

Gum disease is a silent and often painless disease that affects most of the adult population to some degree.  It leads to tooth loss as the bone that supports the teeth disintegrate due to bacterial toxins.  Brushing twice daily and flossing daily are excellent ways to help prevent the progression or start of this disease between dental cleaning appointments.  Once bone has started to deteriorate, there is little we can do to replace it.  Prevention is the cure for this disease.  Everybody's mouths are individual to them.  We strive to offer recommendations based on your needs to help prevent or treat gum disease.  In a healthy mouth, only a standard general cleaning may be indicated every six months.  In someone with advanced gum disease, the treatment is catered to their needs.  We are proud to offer treatment options to help prevent the progression of gum disease having specialized cleaning units that can help deliver medicants directly to where it is needed most, which is between the gum and tooth.   This is done painlessly and has shown to get your gums back to a healthy pink and firm appearance.  Contact our office today to schedule a cleaning or consultation.



During a cleaning appointment, sterile hand instruments are used to deride the teeth of harmful bacteria that has calcified on your teeth.  It is impossible for you to brush it away at home.  The calcification is a mixture of harmful bacteria and salivary proteins.