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Archive for November 2018

 We all come to the dentist every 6 months for our regular dental check-ups, am I right? Maybe you never have a cavity or maybe you always end up with more than you bargained for. But, a Complete Oral Exam does so much more than checking for cavities! It's an opportunity for you and us to have a thorough discussion with you about your oral health and your overall health. The doctors will map out your mouth and check for things we "normally" don't get the opportunity to see. We look at bone levels and check how well supported your teeth are within your jaw; we do a more advanced oral cancer screen with ultraviolet light. We also get the chance to discuss with you your goals for your mouth. Maybe you've always dreamed of having veneers or fixing the gap in between your front teeth or maybe it's time to chat about your wisdom teeth or the replacement of a missing tooth? Whatever the case may be, we like to sit down with each of our patients once every 5 years or once our younger patients become adults at 18 years of age. This appointment typically takes an hour and by the end of it you and the doctor will have a very good idea of the direction you would like to head with your oral health. We will also will be putting you on a program based on your ongoing needs, our White Smile program or our Healthy Gums program. If you would like more information on either one of our programs please give us a call!

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